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Daily Activities

The New Children’s Museum’s Art Studio spaces are designed to allow children and their families to explore a range of creative art and design activities and processes.
The discoveries that take place within the studios are intended to allow children to experience art at their own pace in relation to their interests, creating a non-competitive space that sparks imagination and generates a greater appreciation of the arts.

The Art Studio projects are designed and facilitated by our Teaching Artists. Children and families are invited to create their own artwork with a wide variety of new (as well as recycled and sustainable) materials such as clay, paper, paint and found objects. Each art project is inspired by an idea, technique or the creative process by an artist featured in the current exhibition.

Current Studio Workshops (Scheduled times)
Tot Studio

Innovators LAB

The Garden Project Workshop

All Day Activities (Drop in any time!)

Black Box Chalk Art Drawing
California Dream State
Clay Studio
Connect the Drops
Feeder's Digest
Innovators LAB
Paint Studio - Go West!
Tot Studio
Spy Agency