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Hungry for some artistic inspiration?  Our fourth interactive exhibition features 13 artist installations and 8 other projects centered around FOOD!  Artists have used food as artistic inspiration for hundreds of years, and today the subject is a tool for artists to talk about community, sustainability and the environment, family traditions, and health.   Feast allows visitors of all ages to sink their teeth into unique, highly engaging, multi-sensory experiences and examines our relationship to food and eating in inventive and unexpected ways.

Feast Exhibition Honorary Committee: 

  • Patty and Marc Brutten 
  • DeeAnne and Michael Canepa
  • Karen and Donald Cohn
  • Candy Coleman and William Griffith 
  • Shawn Covell 
  • Lisette and Mick Farrell 
  • Lisa and John Gomez 
  • Lynn Gorguze and The Honorable Scott Peters
  • Celeste and Ted Hilling 
  • Patsy and David Marino 
  • Rebecca and Mitch Mitchell 
  • Laurie Mitchell and Brent Woods 
  • Amelia and Ken Morris 
  • Sheryl and Harvey White 
  • Fe and Ralph Whitworth


Exhibition Sponsors