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The Fruit of the Gods


October 2013–September 2015

The Fruit of the Gods
is a colorful inflatable play sculpture designed uniquely for The New Children’s Museum.

Located: Upper Level

Key Materials: vinyl coated nylon inflatable jumpy and external blowers

What is it?

A gigantic colorful jumpy!

This food-inspired jumpy features several cartoon-like characters, a well-known FriendsWithYou feature. Go inside the jumpy to explore the interior details and have fun. The food-themed characters smile and move as you jump around and inside the sculpture. Through play, vibrant colors and friendly faces, FriendsWithYou celebrates the joy of eating and the healing properties of good nutrition and exercise.

What will I do when I get there?

  • Take off your shoes and move your body!
  • Jump, balance, and climb!

Who made this?

FriendsWithYou is the internationally-recognized team of artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. The element of play is central to their work. They intentionally craft artworks, including sculpture, paintings and inflatables, to encourage free association and active engagement. Through their positive message of Magic, Luck and Friendship™, FriendsWithYou hopes to cultivate a world culture of connectivity and joy.

Recently relocated to Los Angeles, FriendsWithYou formed in 2002 in Miami. In their work, they use a language of popular culture to blur the boundaries between traditional art aesthetics and pop culture. FriendsWithYou has exhibited at the High Line, NYC, Art Basel Miami, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Tuen Mun Town Place in Hong Kong and Haus der Kulturen der Welt Museum in Berlin.

Artist Website:

What can I do at home?

To extend your museum experience, try the following activities at home.

Creative Action

  • Draw your favorite fruit then bring it to life by adding eyes, ears and a smiling face! Give it a name. Make up a story for your food-themed characters.


  • A healthy lifestyle includes a balance of good nutrition and exercise.  Find out how many calories are burned through different kinds of exercise. Compare the number of calories burned with the number of calories found in your favorite foods. Use the Internet to gather your data.