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Mass Creativity

Join us on June 25, 2016 for Mass Creativity Day!

Mass Creativity Day is now in its fourth year!  Our FREE all day celebration of art and creativity will be held on Saturday, June 25 from 10am-3pm. To add to the excitement, our newest installation The Wonder Sound will be opening in junction with this year's event.

Learn more about our Mass Creativity workshops on our Museum blog.



2016 Mass Creativity Workshops and Information

Workshop Theme: Create Wonder!

Join The New Children's Museum's Creative Team in a FREE hands-on workshop where you can create unique flags and wind chimes, design a custom door for your community center, and construct a magical palace out of tubes and PVC. This workshop is designed for the whole family to enjoy!

About the Creative Team

This year's Mass Creativity workshops were created and will be facilitated by our amazing Museum Creative Team under the influence of The Wonder Sound artist, Wes Sam-Bruce. 

Meet the team:

Mayra Chavez 

Mayra is a fiber artist whose work is inspired by a childhood growing up in Querétaro, Mexico. Her work consists primarily of embroidery and clothing constructions. Relying heavily on the use of colorful images and motifs, Mayra is inspired by life in her parents’ hometown of Hacienda Blanca. Her memories of the animals and plants in her beloved ranch serve as her artistic muses and can be found all over her work. Mayra received a Bachelor’s of Art in Applied Design from San Diego State University where she was awarded a scholarship for her artwork by the San Diego Creative Weavers Guild. Mayra joined the Teaching Artist team of The New Children’s Museum in March of 2015.



Valerie Decastro

Valerie is a working artist inspired by letter forms and penmanship. She uses traditional forms of sign painting as well as old world craftsmanship and new world technology to create hand lettered and hand painted signs. For her, the art of lettering emphasizes structure and legibility with creativity. Valerie has extensive experience working with young people in the camp and after-school setting. She is currently working for Harmonium Inc., and she joined the Teaching Artist team of The New Children’s Museum in fall 2015. 


Catherine Aitken

Catherine graduated with a degree in the History of Art and Visual Culture from UC Santa Cruz. She loves riding her bike down big hills with her hair in pigtails. She aspires to be somebody who treats life as a precious gift, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. Catherine started with The New Children's Museum on Mass Creativity Day 2015. 



Charles Thunyakij (Art Assistant to the Creative Team)

Charles received his Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of California San Diego, which has shaped his view of the world and his art. He practices portraiture; creating photo-realistic images of his subjects, believing that the breath of human existence can be shared through portraits. Charles' love for books and literature also push him to write, illustrate, and bind children stories. His formal practice is expanded through teaching and learning of various mediums. He has worked with several artists in fabrication, installation, and community-based art projects.


Community Centers and Workshop Times

We are partnering with 6 local community centers to host our art-making workshops for Create Wonder! . While some of these workshops are private to the community centers, there are three that our free to the public to attend! 

>Public Workshop Saturday, May 7 | 1-3pm The LGBT Community Center 

3909 Centre St, San Diego CA 92105 | 619-692-6077 ext 212

>Private Workshop South Bay Community Services

> Public Workshop Saturday, May 14 | 10am-12pm Casa Familiar Civic and Recreation Center

212 West Park Ave, San Ysidro CA 92173 | 619-313-3863

>Public Workshop Saturday, May 21 | 12-2pm Southern Sudanese Community Center

4077 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA 92105 | 619-516-3546

>Public Workshop Saturday, May 28 | 10am-12pm Historic Barrio District at Sherman Heights Community Center

2258 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92102 | 619-232-5181

>Private Workshop The Museum School

Check out the video below for a look back at Mass Creativity 2015

Mass Creativity 2016 is generously funded by:


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