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ScholarShare’s Toddler Time


The New Children's Museum hosts facilitated toddler programming every Friday beginning at 10am, made possible by the generous support of ScholarShare, California's 529 College Savings Plan. Our toddler program values the whole child and supports healthy bodies and minds, with music, movement and social play for young children.  

We also have three floors of interactive space for toddlers to explore. Our two current exhibition Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food and Eureka! provide opportunities for toddlers to play, learn and engage in spectacular  art installations and through art activities. Toddlers especially love our giant kitchen sink (Wobbleland) and our sensory sand box (Sandbox Gallery).  


june-2016-toddler-time-paintingScholarShare’s Toddler Time: Healthy Snacks and Toddler Development
September 2 | 10–11am  

Lower Level, Arts Education Center
Ages 4 and Under

Parents, discover healhy food choices for your toddlers from certified nutritionists with Child Development Associates. Following the presentation and demonstration, let your little one taste a creative, healthy snack!



june-2016-toddler-time-paintingScholarShare’s Toddler Time: Make Friends!
September 9 | 10–11am  

Main Level, Lounge
Ages 4 and Under

Move, shake and make friends during this Friday's Toddler Time!





june-2016-toddler-time-paintingScholarShare’s Toddler Time: Learning in Español 
September 16 | 10–11am  

Main Level, Lounge
Ages 4 and Under

Explore a world of speaking, singing and sharing in both Spanish and English taught by 1.2.3. Español!




june-2016-toddler-time-paintingScholarShare’s Toddler Time: Finger Painting Friday
September 23 | 10–11:30am  

Lower Level, Party Place
Ages 4 and Under

Paint with your fingers, paint with your toes! Make first memories with family-friendly tools and paint!




june-2016-toddler-time-paintingScholarShare’s Toddler Time: Story Time
September 30 | 10–11am  

Main Level, Lounge
Ages 4 and Under

Gather around for circle time. Share stories and experiences while practicing early childhood literacy. 






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